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Upskill 2030: Workforce Matching Initiative

Transforming Colorado's Workforce by Empowering Learners and Employers for Economic Mobility

The Problem

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There is a persistent gap between top jobs paying 80% or more of area median income (AMI) and underserved Coloradans who lack the time and/or resources to complete the traditional post-secondary degrees typically required for these jobs.  Further, Colorado’s large employers report that they are willing to consider removing degree requirements, but they currently lack the bandwidth to evaluate new recruiting options, particularly given the glut of new solutions of unknown quality. Similarly, learners are unsure about which solutions will lead them to good jobs, or cannot find seats at the few proven programs due to oversubscription.

The Task at Hand

Colorado Thrives is building a workforce matching initiative, in which Thrives serves as the voice of business through demand signaling.  We will establish hiring targets for top jobs with key employers in CO, develop partnerships with policy advocates and government, empower and scale appropriate upskilling programs, and track placements in key industries.

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The Goal

Upskill and match 30k Colorado learners to top paying jobs by 2030.

Measuring Success

We will be measuring initiative success by tracking:

  • Learners served through validated program partners

  • Learners engaged with Colorado Thrives' member companies

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