Colorado Thrives exists to advance Colorado as an inspiring and inclusive community known globally for innovation, collaboration, and overall well-being.

Thrives Innovators of 2022

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Chamba Logo

Chamba helps Latinx job-seekers residing in the USA find jobs through tech.

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Clusiv Logo

Clusiv is the creator of the world's first e-learning and accessible onboarding platform built for and by blind and visually impaired people.
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Divercity Logo helps tech companies measure and track their diversity breakdown and helps them improve it by connecting them with qualified diverse talent.

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Hireguide Logo

Plan and transcribe structured interviews with ease so you can hire the right person faster, fairer, and with certainty.

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ion Learning.jpeg

ion is an enterprise peer-learning platform that develops leaders people want to follow.

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Juntos 2 College Logo

A career planning platform for undocumented high school students so everyone has access to upward mobility.

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PeduL Logo

PeduL helps corporations diversify their workforce with scholarship programs.

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PitchMe Logo

PitchMe moves hiring beyond the limitations of a resume.

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Roleshare Logo

Roleshare unlocks shared productivity through job sharing.

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ShiftUp Logo

ShiftUp helps the US government run more effective job training for the unemployed.

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Transition Logo

Transition bridges the disconnect between Certified Nursing Assistant schools and employers to better match students with jobs and career resources.

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Watson Institute Logo

The new university model for the world’s next entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and changemakers.

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One piece to the puzzle is bringing entrepreneurs and innovators to the table to solve some of the intractable problems facing workers and businesses. Colorado Thrives is working to make an impact on economic and social mobility in the state of Colorado.

- Mike Fries
CEO, Liberty Global and Member of Colorado Thrives