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Colorado Thrives exists to advance Colorado as an inspiring and inclusive community known globally for innovation, collaboration, and overall well-being.

Thrives Innovators of 2023

Click on the company names below for more information about this year's class of startups:


Access Mode cultivates venture-ready tech companies founded by exceptional entrepreneurs of color


EmpiricaLab is a last mile, team-centric training and knowledge platform that enables peer learning among healthcare teams


Escalate unlocks frontline retention for employers and a path for entry-level talent to advance.


Everprep empowers creators to author, design, and deliver exam prep to learners around the world.


 Gritly is building the infrastructure for skills-based training and hiring.


Online Equity platform that translates peoples lived & learned experiences using patented ML into transferable skills credentials for educational and job success.

Metta Space .png

The Next Generation of compliance for better workplaces- helping companies prevent, report, & resolve workplace misconduct.


MFGWorx is a live chat job board that targets the manufacturing and industrial sectors connecting hiring managers to candidates instantly and offering various solutions to help close the talent gap.

Recruiting innovation is on a mission to help companies scale by training and enabling their recruiting teams to tech.


Skylyte is building a chief wellbeing officer in every team’s pocket to empower them to proactively manage burnout and wellbeing.

Guide .jpg

Mobile platform to create & distribute instruction manuals in augmented reality, to reduce usage friction for equipment users.


Tapestree is a community- building employee engagement platform for the distributed workers.

Recruiting Innovation_edited.png
aiEDU.png builds equitable learning experiences about artificial intelligence for students everywhere.


Provides instant employment and labor law guidance to HR professionals to help navigate HR compliance- no research required.

One piece to the puzzle is bringing entrepreneurs and innovators to the table to solve some of the intractable problems facing workers and businesses. Colorado Thrives is working to make an impact on economic and social mobility in the state of Colorado.

- Mike Fries
CEO, Liberty Global and Member of Colorado Thrives

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