Colorado Thrives exists to advance Colorado as an inspiring and inclusive community known globally for innovation, collaboration, and overall well-being.

Thrives-Techstars Workforce Development Accelerator

Launched in 2020, Colorado Thrives partnered to create the Techstars Workforce Development Accelerator. This three-year initiative provides startup businesses and a limited number of nonprofit organizations with tools to address the challenges of the current labor market through innovative technologies, business models and solutions. With support from Colorado Thrives, the nonprofits will receive the same programming and mentorship as the startups.

Thrives Innovators of 2021

Click on the images below to link to our initial class of startups:

Caresplit Logo

Filling childcare gaps for working parents.

FutureFit Ai Logo

Career transition platform

GRIT logo

Democratizing education and training financing for people of color

Honest Jobs Logo

An employment marketplace for people impacted by the justice system

Increment logo

Quantifying the ROI of shop floor training and upskilling


Training and upskilling diverse biomedical scientific advisors

Mentor Spaces Logo

Mentorship for underrepresented talent

Talk Hiring Logo

Voice-based job applications

Tassel Software logo

Uniting academic planning with career planning

Tilt Logo

Outsourced leave planning and administration

Advance EDU logo

College success for first in family and underrepresented students

Turing School Logo

Software development school


The Workforce Development Accelerator would not be possible without the support of all of the project partners:

One piece to the puzzle is bringing entrepreneurs and innovators to the table to solve some of the intractable problems facing workers and businesses. Colorado Thrives is working to make an impact on economic and social mobility in the state of Colorado.

- Mike Fries
CEO, Liberty Global and Member of Colorado Thrives