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C-Level Executives Form Colorado Thrives

New nonprofit brings business leaders together to support Colorado’s long-term success and tackle current challenges such as economic mobility, COVID-19 impact

Launched in early April, nonprofit organization Colorado Thrives was formed by 13 former and current Chief Executives from some of Colorado’s largest companies. The organization’s purpose is to advance Colorado as an inspiring and inclusive community known globally for innovation, collaboration, and overall well-being.

“Colorado Thrives is another example of what makes Colorado special, namely an unusually high level of civic engagement by the leaders of many of the largest companies in the state,” said Kent Thiry, founder and chair of Colorado Thrives and executive chairman of DaVita. “We believe corporate citizens have an important role to play in creating a better future for all Coloradans.”

Colorado Thrives has been operating since the spring of 2018 and will support initiatives in a variety of ways, including convening diverse leaders around issues or ideas, advocating for or endorsing policy changes, driving change inside its members’ own organizations, allocating talent to support specific needs, catalyzing innovation and accelerating scale, and directly funding ideas and attracting scaled philanthropy to contribute to long-term success of initiatives.

Colorado Thrives members include:

  • Jandel Allen-Davis, M.D. – President & CEO, Craig Hospital

  • Dan Caruso – Co-Founder and CEO, Zayo Group

  • Steven A. Cohen – Executive Vice President, The Anschutz Corporation

  • Elizabeth B. Concordia – President and CEO, UCHealth

  • Mike Fries – CEO Liberty Global

  • John Hayes – Chairman, President and CEO, Ball Corporation

  • Jacque Hinman – Former Chairman and CEO, CH2M

  • Rob Katz – Chief Executive Officer, Vail Resorts

  • Jim Kelley – Founding Partner, Vestar Capital Partners and Managing Partner, The Colorado Impact Fund

  • Mike Long – Chairman, President & CEO, Arrow Electronics

  • Steve Rendle – Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, VF Corporation

  • Teresa Taylor – Board Member at TMobile and Blackhills Energy, Former COO Qwest

  • Kent Thiry – Executive Chairman, DaVita and Founder and Chair of Colorado Thrives

Prior to launching, the founding members of Colorado Thrives kicked off a yearlong strategic planning process with Boston Consulting Group. As a result of this process, the group voted to focus its efforts first on improving economic mobility through education and training to increase opportunity for all Coloradans. Over time, Colorado Thrives will consider other areas of focus to be responsive to the most pressing community needs.

“When we achieve widespread economic and social mobility, the benefits go far beyond an increase in family income and the state’s economy,” said Jandel Allen-Davis, M.D., President & CEO of Craig Hospital and member of Colorado Thrives. “It results in a healthier society, higher quality education and better health outcomes overall. The wide-reaching impact of mobility is why we chose to start our work here.”

Colorado Thrives and its members have also been quick to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, pivoting resources towards community needs for the short- and long-term. These efforts range from investments in small business support and contributions to the Governor’s COVID-19 Relief Fund, to partnerships with frontline nonprofits who are helping individuals and families with hunger relief and education. A summary of these efforts can be found on the Colorado Thrives website.

“As our community faces unprecedented times due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the magnitude of challenges that lay ahead has never been greater, and citizens working together has never been needed more,” said Thiry. “Our purpose at Colorado Thrives is to inspire innovation, collaboration and overall well-being, and as a group we are ready and willing to leverage our collective resources to respond to the challenges set before our state by investing in efforts that will positively impact Coloradans.”

Colorado Thrives aspires to be a long-term civic leader in Colorado’s ecosystem and will announce additional focus areas and initiatives over time. More information on these focus areas as well as contact information to share your feedback and ideas on initiatives for Colorado Thrives to consider investing in can be found at


About Colorado Thrives

Colorado Thrives is a 501c3 supported by 13 current and former CEOs from some of Colorado’s largest companies. We exist to advance Colorado as an inspiring and inclusive community known globally for innovation, collaboration and overall well-being. We create impact by sourcing promising early stage ideas and initiatives proven to work, investing our social and financial capital, and catalyzing support from our companies, government, philanthropy and the broader community. Learn more at

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