Economic Mobility is the current focus of our work and we are committed to supporting initiatives that increase opportunity for Coloradans through training and education.  We will expand our focus over time.


We select initiatives using a five-point screening process that includes:

  1. Does the initiative align with our purpose?

  2. What is the potential impact of the project or initiative?

  3. What is the probability the initiative will be successful?

  4. Will support from Colorado Thrives make a significant impact

  5. What kind of investment is required?


Colorado Thrives considers the following forms of engagement with the initiatives we support:

  • Convening business, community and government leaders

  • Advocating for or endorsing policy changes necessary to create an environment for the initiative to thrive

  • Driving change in our members’ organizations

  • Allocating talent to support an initiative

  • Catalyzing innovation and accelerating scale

  • Attracting scaled philanthropy

  • Providing funding


Techstars Workforce Development Accelerator

Colorado Thrives has partnered with Boulder-based Techstars, ZOMALAB and Strada Education Network to launch a Workforce Development Accelerator designed to address the challenges of the current labor market through innovative technologies, business models and solutions. Unlike other Techstars accelerators, in addition to traditional startup businesses the program will also engage two nonprofit organizations sponsored by grants from Colorado Thrives. The nonprofits will receive the same programming and mentorship as the startups though they will not receive investment funding. Read More Here

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